Manufacturing and sampling is a complicated process that requires attention and focus. Essentially it is a full time job in itself, regardless of whether you have been doing it for 1 month or 1o years.

At Fashion Services, we can help with this process, however, it is expensive and not recommended for Start Ups. It requires just as much attention from our staff as you would give it and we allocate an individual member of staff to manage the measuring and the QC of samples. Fittings and comments to factories for corrections and further sampling and then onto production.

We only recommend this service for established companies or those with over 20 garments running through 1 factory at any time. We also insist on Technical Packs being provided by Fashion Services. We can not work with, or fill in missing information for bad quality Technical Packs.

Our team do not provide factory or sampling services themselves and work with third parties in the best location for your needs. However not all ‘factories’ are the same, regardless of their claims. Our team does not provide this service if working with small or low quality factories that cannot read technical, global standard Tech Pack language. It is not their responsibility to train staff of overseas factories to read these documents.

As this service is a custom one, please contact us for further details and quotes on the service.

It includes:


Answering all questions from factories in order to get the correct sample back for further inspection.


Sample measurement checking. All parts of the garment are mesured and compared to original measurements given on the Tech Pack.


Fittings and QC. Quality Control for the construction and sampling quality.


All reviews and communications handled with the factory for corrections comments and sample development, until the required sample for the design is achieved.