Sometimes, you might have a great idea for a product or fashion brand and you’ve spent hours researching ideas and topics on various parts of building a brand or manufacturing, but just can seem to find that missing ‘thing’ that puts the puzzle pieces together.

When you’re at the start of your journey, you might need some help with small tasks, or things that you just don’t have time to do yourself. Maybe you’re not familiar with how things are laid out professionally or how to explain something to a factory. All you need is a few items to help you get started, with honest, accurate, reliable results and on an infrequent basis, so you can balance quality with cost.

Maybe you want to expand into additional products or maybe you’re selling stock items and want to start making your own designs and products, to suit your customer needs. You need people who you can rely on, to help you every now and again, rather than full time staff. People who are experienced and will respect the brand you have worked so hard to build, without the cost of training or staff costs.

Maybe you’ve got a meeting with a buyer or a factory, but don’t have the training, or maybe the time, to discover all of the skills, experience, terminology or manufacturing processes that you need, in time.

Whatever you need, we have a team of specialists that cover all areas of the fashion industry. Each member has a background in retail, which means you get the best quality service on a freelance basis, so you can budget for your project with no permanent staff costs.

Design services cover all aspects of fashion design, CADs, presentation sheets and artwork. We cover womenswear and menswear with all clothing sectors, design styles and markets including:

Formalwear, Casualwear, Denim, Knitwear, Outerwear and Tailoring, Swimwear and Accessories

The services below apply to those looking for both original design and those who already have ideas or sketches and need any of the professional services we provide. They can be for one product idea to a whole range of products.

All work is done via CAD on illustrator and will be sent to you via a high quality PDF file, with your branding and colours used for presentation.

The price quote for fashion design services will usually be for a whole project to allow you to budget and as no two people are the same or need the same things, it really is impossible to quote a fixed amount. For an accurate quote, come and speak to us and with some additional information, we’ll be able to give you quote.


Not everyone can design, has the time, or understands the complexity of design. Trying to attract sales, be relevant to a specific market, keep down cost and provide a fantastic product all in one garment, can be tough. It’s just not your area of expertise. That’s OK, you’re great at other things.

Maybe you already have some sketches or ideas and you want someone else to do the work for you, that is experienced in both drawing language and design programs, then we can cut down your time by providing you with professional garment CADs or Flat Drawings.

Our range of specialists who are happy to help you build your brand, with retail standard product design and years of experience of working with different brands, markets, customer profiles and products.


If you already have some ideas to go alongside a design, then we can cut down your time by providing you with professional artwork for Embroideries, Beading and Prints, whether you have designed them yourself, or want us to provide you with some inspiration.

Maybe you want to wow your customers with a specific packaging; custom garment labels or trims and you need artwork for a factory Tech Pack, then we can draw this up for you.

Whether you want detailed technical sheets for a Tech Pack, or something more aesthetic for a presentation, then our specialists can help. Simply give us a description, sketch, photo or something to work with and we’ll provide the artwork.