Have you ever been to an event, something big like a wedding, and you see someone who is very, very under dressed for the occasion? What was your first impression of them? Slob? Disrespectful? Cheeky for turning up like that?…..

What about the best dressed person there? Handsome? Beautiful? Graceful? Polite and respectful?……

In this analogy, being ‘Well Dressed’ is the way in which you present yourself, but I should make something very clear. ‘Well Dressed’ doesn’t mean expensive. It doesn’t mean over dressed or extravagant. Being ‘Well Dressed’ is about being appropriate.

Branding is one of the most important parts of your fashion brand. It’s the way you present your image to the world. It tells your customer what you are about.

What you stand for. What you believe in. Who your customers are. How they feel when they wear or use your product. The quality of your product.

How ‘Well Dressed’ you are as a brand, is one of the key elements of your success.

Every time a customer comes in contact with your brand, whether it is on your website, an advert or someone else’s promotion, they should recognise you. This can only be achieved by having a consistent message throughout your business. This message has to agree with your customer’s values, beliefs, image and of course, their wallet. Everything they see, should tell them that this product is for them and in the same way, your branding should attract the right customer in the first place.

Here at Fashion Services, we have a number of solutions to help you with your branding, regardless of whether you are a start up or have been in business for years.

From initial packaging ideas, retail environments to garment swing tags and labelling, we have a team that will make sure your brand image is consistent and present in all of the points where your customers come into contact with it.




To develop a successful fashion brand you have to decide on your Brand Image. This will form the basis of what you stand for, what customers think of you, the products you offer them and how

Let us help you to develop a strong brand image, that is consistent across your touch points. Reflects your core values and promotes a strong fashion brand, to the right customers, for maximum impact and sales

A Brand Audit is for those who already have a brand are looking to expand their business, gain more customers or develop their brand into a new and improved Image for their customers, whilst staying true to the business you have already built

It looks at where you are currently and what improvements can be made to create flawless branding for your business

Re-branding is a lot like starting again, but with far less stress and fuss. This time, you already know where you currently are and where you want to be. How your customers feel about you and sales data that can be analysed.

Re-branding doesn’t mean changing your business. It’s about respecting what you have built and simply moving it forward and making it more effective